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Professional, reliable communication solutions for businesses of all sizes – that’s what Gresham Business Phone Systems provides. Our expert team works hard to incorporate the latest technological advancements into our dependable products and services; designed with customer engagement, revenue potential enhancement and superior performance in mind at an affordable cost. Reap the rewards of a tailored solution by reaching out today!

Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 6A - which one do I need?

At Gresham Business Phone Systems, we understand how important reliable data throughput and secure connectivity are for your business. That is why we offer a wide selection of premium cables that provide durable and dependable performance so you can be assured that your data will flow uninterruptedly. From our three distinct product lines tailored specifically to your organization’s needs, through our fast delivery times to ensure there are no disruptions in installation or costly repairs, our cables guarantee a smart investment in time and money. Our professional IT teams trust us to provide the necessary equipment they need to maximize their investments. With Gresham Business Phone Systems, you can have confidence you have made the right choice.

Cat 5e data cable

Upgrade your connection to Cat 5e and enjoy internet access at 1000 Mbps that can extend up to 328 feet with an unbeatable bandwidth of 100 MHz. Don’t sacrifice speed or power anymore; unlock the potential of this premium technology now!

Cat 6 data cable

Unlock the true potential of your enterprise with CAT 6 cabling today! Enjoy speeds up to 10 GbE and security, performance, and reliability unmatched by old-fashioned tech. With a range of 160ft, get ahead in business – you’ll never go back after stepping into the world of CAT 6.

Cat 6A data cable

Let us supercharge your Gresham business with our dependable phone system. Take advantage of the years spent perfecting this communication platform and its unrivaled IT security measures – essential for any fruitful enterprise. Reap the benefits of a Cat6A cabling solution that’s been custom-crafted to fit every character, size & purpose in mind!

At Gresham Business Phone Systems, we recognize that reliable phone systems are a critical part of having a successful business. For this reason, our team is dedicated to offering the highest quality services available and taking the time to listen to understand your specific needs. Our certified technicians are readily equipped to handle any installation quickly and efficiently, leaving you with an optimal phone system that not only meets your present requirements but also anticipates any potential growth in the future. We strive to make every customer feel content with their choice in us; from our affordable solutions to our dedication towards providing excellent customer service. Don’t hesitate – contact us today and experience firsthand the level of commitment we offer all of our customers.